Nathan Caton: Live
Canalhouse - 23rd September 2013
Reviewed by Andrew Butler: @mrabutler

 2013 - Mon 23rd - Nathan Caton

The old adage of writing about what you know seems to be completely relevant as Nathan Caton takes us through an hour journey about his current state of (still) living at home with his Mum and little brother. The 28-year-old Londoner’s star is rising in the comedy world, and you can easily see why – he’s instantly likeable, at ease on stage but most importantly backs it up with excellent anecdotal comedy.


The show’s spine focuses on his mum’s wedding to his stepdad. Through this he allows himself to indulge in tails about his mother, little brother and Grandmother. It’s as funny as it is charming, and you can easily see why he has been described in the past as a ‘polite Lenny Henry’ –just don’t mention that to him.


He draws a lot of anecdotes from his 17-year-old brother – a ‘typical teenager’ he says, who has a slight loathing that his big brother’s now been on television. Caton’s comedy covers an extraordinarily broad range – within one anecdote about his grandmother he manages to cover the merits of an 18-year-old boy driving a Nissan Micra, institutionalised racism within the police force, and the realisation that he’ll never live up to the expectations of his family.


There is also plenty of 90’s nostalgia – as one might expect given Caton’s age, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles given more comedy stage time than it has probably gained over the past 20 years, and ‘Your Mum’ jokes make a welcome return after a few years in the comedy wilderness.


Caton’s audience participation is sharp and witty, not least when the crowd helps you out massively. When asked about what the best thing about snow is, one member not missing a beat replied: ‘It’s white.’ Sometimes comedy just writes itself.


The show is a complete success – there is something for everyone, but whilst sometimes this can cut out the nuances of comedy, it is without a doubt a good thing in this context. Given this performance you can expect to see Nathan Caton’s name around the comedy scene for many years to come.